Are Marketing Graduates in High Demand?

espite a slow job market, marketing graduates are still in demand. All successful businesses invest in marketing. Marketing graduates are fortunate because they can choose from any industry.


What Marketers Need to Know About Mobile Marketing in 2013

If there’s one area marketers must pay attention to in 2013, it’s mobile. With mobile adoption continuing its growth, app downloads surging, and an increasing number of page views coming from mobile phones and tablets, it’s easy to see how important the mobile realm will be for marketers this new year.


How Brands Can Find the Right Talent to Revolutionize Their Mobile Presence

When it comes to developing mobileoptimized sites and apps, many brands face a resource challenge with their current pool of talent – marketers, Webmasters, advertising departments and other creatives – who are tasked with completing a multitude of other business-critical projects.


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