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Connecting leaders to fuel progress.

When you're a leader, peer-to-peer learning is one of the most valuable ways to develop and grow. At Aquent, we connect our clients with one another, providing opportunities to brainstorm ideas, share experiences, and produce meaningful results.

InsideOut Leadership Community

InsideOut is an invite-only community of high-profile senior leaders managing in-house design, experience, and operations teams. Our small-format roundtables, workshops, and special events provide a space to engage, collaborate, and grow.

  • Connect with leadership peers to build relationships that create opportunities for growth.
  • Tackle real-world problems in a private–and small–facilitated discussion format.
  • Collaborate and share insights that help you advance and enhance your value.

Contingent Leader Community

Our Contingent Leader Community is an exclusive group of progressive leaders, eager to collaborate and develop new ideas to improve contingent programs. We work together to solve problems and shape the future of vibrant, inclusive, and equitable programs that make a positive impact.

  • Share and discover new ways to build exceptional contingent labor programs.
  • Collaborate in small group, facilitated contingent workforce leadership discussions.
  • Build long-term professional relationships and gain actionable insights.

Member Testimonials

“It's well organized, events are valuable, and the network is amazing! I've been searching for a group like this for many years.”

“It's rewarding and interesting to talk to industry veterans about our collective experiences and our approaches to challenges.”

“Kind and generous community, well organized with an AMAZING facilitator, plus thoughtful events and activities.”