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InsideOut Leadership Community

A space to connect, collaborate, and generate new ideas.

Leading in-house design, experience, and operations teams today is more challenging than ever. That's why we created InsideOut, a community custom-built for senior leaders at high-profile brands. Small format roundtables provide space to connect, collaborate and generate new ways to move business forward, faster.


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Why InsideOut?

Trusted community

A like-minded group of senior in-house design and operations leaders.

“It's nice to have a community of leaders who you can rely on to help you through shared and unique issues as well as having a forum where you realize you aren't alone.”


Session topics are determined by the group.

“…crackerjack curation and moderation across all forums, meaningful and relevant topics and themes that I can leverage or apply in my day-to-day.”

Small groups

Up to 12 leaders gather for an interactive discussion.

“The immediate feedback obtained from other industry professionals at my equivalent level is refreshing. It's candid and refreshingly honest.”


Conversations are managed to keep them moving forward.

“I enjoy the conversations and perspectives very much as well as the learnable moments from others. Susie does a great job moderating and providing structure while keeping the sessions light and fun.”


Discussion conclusions are captured and distributed.

“I get a lot out of having meaningful discussions with leaders from other companies and business areas. There are always a ton of links, articles, or topics that I leave each session with.”

Lasting connections

Participants are local, consistent, and want to network.

“This has been a great community for networking, learning – and collaborating with other leaders. Susie does an amazing job keeping everyone engaged, and making sessions fun.”

Example Topics

  • Balancing Continuous Discovery with Continuous Delivery
  • Interview Best Practices
  • Focusing on the Future
  • Lead Your Way Workshop
  • Benchmarking Common Creative Projects
  • Pro Tips: Mentoring to Level Up with Felix Lee (ADPList)
  • Leading Resourcing Discussions
  • The Value of Design Leadership
  • Automating for Efficiency
  • Using Process Mapping to Bring Teams Together
  • How Technology is Shifting the Role of Ops
  • Influencing Senior Leadership
  • Building Culture in Dispersed Teams
  • Showing the Value of Listening to Customers

All the ways to join in.


Facilitated discussions on real-time, real-world challenges identified by members. Sessions are held online with in-person events twice a year in major cities across the U.S. Limited to 12 attendees.


Expert-led virtual sessions on leadership topics such as inspiring your team, workplace wellness, and coaching creatives. Sharpen your skills or develop a few more through our communitywide program.


Moderated conversations with InsideOut members at the vanguard of the design and experience industry. In this virtual series, leaders share their valued insights on business-critical topics and trends.

Women of InsideOut

A series of workshops and roundtables for female members who level the playing field by empowering and uplifting one another. These sessions focus on issues specific to women in leadership.


Before you go live at your next speaking engagement, prototype new material with trusted InsideOut peers. Each virtual session lasts 30 minutes with time for questions and feedback.

Special Editions

All-hands virtual events with leaders from outside our community who are embracing new technologies and ideas. Recent sessions featured two AI Show and Tells by Aquent Studios.

Upcoming Sessions

Date Group Connection
09/27 Chicago (IN-PERSON) – Design & Experience Elevating Your Team's Business Acumen
09/27 Chicago (IN-PERSON) – Operations The Talent Market. What's Changed & What to Do About It.
10/04 San Francisco (IN-PERSON): Design & Experience Elevating Your Team's Business Acumen
10/05 San Francisco (IN-PERSON) – Operations Reporting, Analytics and Value
10/05 Insider Club Moving InsideOut Forward
10/12 Seattle (IN-PERSON) – Design & Experience Elevating Your Team's Business Acumen
10/12 Seattle (IN-PERSON) – Operations Benchmarking Creative Projects
10/19 Los Angeles (IN-PERSON) – Operations Budgets, Rates & Buy-in, Oh My!
10/19 Los Angeles (IN-PERSON) – Design & Experience Elevating Your Team's Business Acumen
10/24 ALL GROUPS WORKSHOP: Happiness from the Inside Out
11/08 ALL GROUPS PRO TIPS: Everyday AI for Design Teams with Brad Frost & Big Medium
11/29 ALL GROUPS BOOK CLUB: The Full Body Yes

Interested in our community?

InsideOut members are:

  • Senior in-house leaders in creative, design, experience, or operations.
  • Working at a high-profile, well-recognized brand in any industry.
  • Responsible for staff and budget.
  • Seeking a collaborative space to learn from experienced peers.
  • Located in the U.S.