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A space for leadership collaboration and building meaningful relationships.

Leading in-house design, experience, and operations teams today is more challenging than ever. That’s why we created InsideOut, a community custom-built for senior leaders. Small format roundtables provide space to connect, collaborate and generate new ways to move business forward, faster.

Past topics

What InsideOut leaders are saying.

“I found the discussion incredibly valuable and it garnered seemingly simple solutions to persistent challenges. The attendees were all open, honest, and fun to spend a few hours with.”
“This is hands down the best format for networking that I have been a part of. The small groups, the "projects", the presentations, the way that the events are so well organized, the Aquent team that is so involved and clearly excited…”
“I like the camaraderie in the group sessions. There is no judgment, just sharing. And since this group is being formed organically, it's being targeted to issues we want to address vs. some preset agenda.”

Why you should join us.

We build the community, you make it awesome.

Trusted community

A like-minded group of senior in-house design leaders.


Session topics are determined by the group.

Small groups

Up to 12 leaders gather for an interactive discussion.


Conversations are managed to keep them moving forward.


Discussion conclusions are captured and distributed.

Lasting connections

Participants are local, consistent, and want to network.

InsideOut Connections

See dates by local community for our upcoming connection opportunities. Each is up to 2 hours in length and hosted on Zoom, with specific topics and structure developed by the community itself. We continue to add new ways to connect with peers as we learn and grow.

Date Group Connection
03/22 New York (virtual) - Operations Influencing Senior Leadership
03/23 San Francisco (virtual) - Operations Tools, Tools and More Tools!
03/23 Chicago (virtual) - Design & Experience Showing the Value of Listening to Customers
03/24 Women of InsideOut Boundaries: Putting Work in its Place
03/28 ALL GROUPS JAM SESSION: See You at the Office?
03/29 Seattle (virtual) - Operations Continual Education
03/30 West Coast (virtual) - Design & Experience Hiring Best Practices
04/11 ALL GROUPS SPECIAL EDITION: Generative AI Show & Tell
04/18 New York (IN-PERSON) - Design & Experience Defending the Value of Leadership
04/19 New York (IN-PERSON) - Operations Automating for Efficiency
04/25 Chicago (IN-PERSON) - Design & Experience Defending the Value of Leadership
04/25 ALL GROUPS PROTOTALK: Importance of Side Projects
04/26 Chicago (IN-PERSON) - Operations Automating for Efficiency
05/04 San Francisco (IN-PERSON) - Design & Experience Defending the Value of Leadership
05/04 San Francisco (IN-PERSON) - Operations Automating for Efficiency
05/05 Women of InsideOut Vertical Development: The Leader's Way Up
05/11 Los Angeles (IN-PERSON) - Design & Experience Defending the Value of Leadership
05/17 Seattle (IN-PERSON) - Design & Experience Defending the Value of Leadership
05/18 Seattle (IN-PERSON) - Operations Automating for Efficiency

Want to join us?

If you’re a senior leader of an in-house design, experience or operations team and want to join our community, contact Susie Hall to make sure it's a fit for you.

We carefully consider attendees and businesses to ensure each event is uniquely curated for all participants. As a result, attendance is by invitation only.

Susie Hall /

President, Community & Customer Engagement
(323) 475-7374