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We are the leading global work solutions company. Through a range of brands, we help guide businesses toward the talent, technology, and services they need to excel. From specialty recruiting and talent experience to creative strategy and project management, we’re making the future of work better for everyone.

Our Values

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Today’s businesses are facing rapid changes, so they need to stay flexible in how they work. And they shouldn’t be constrained by the four walls of an office, nine-to-five schedules, or traditional models that no longer fit. That’s why we’re a virtual-first company of agile self-starters who work from anywhere to get the job done.

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Career decisions shouldn’t be left to corporate management alone. That’s old-school. Each member of our team is an invaluable partner whose expertise and contributions make us stronger every day. So we empower our people to be their absolute best by offering the tools, guidance, and autonomy they need to grow their careers with us for years to come.

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Diversity delivers better outcomes for companies and talent alike. It's critical to cultivate workplace environments where people of all backgrounds and experiences are both valued and viewed as equal, so that everyone can excel in their careers and thrive.

Learn more about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Aquent.

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Today, more than ever, businesses must do their part to reverse climate change. So we’re taking big steps to go carbon negative, becoming virtual-first, switching to energy-efficient tech, and building solar arrays in America’s heartland. This is a new benchmark for sustainability within our industry and beyond.

Meet our leadership team.

Image of John H. Chuang

John H. Chuang

Founder and CEO Aquent

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Image of Phillip Lewis

Phillip Lewis

President, Aquent Enterprise

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Image of Rohshann Pilla

Rohshann Pilla

President, Aquent Talent

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Image of Cheryl King

Cheryl King

President, Aquent Studios

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Image of Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez

President, Aquent RoboHead

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Image of Matt Pozos

Matt Pozos

COO, Aquent Scout

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Image of Mark Brim

Mark Brim

Industry Leader, Services

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Image of Laura Ceccato-Chopp

Laura Ceccato-Chopp

Industry Leader, Consumer

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Image of Kelly Collins

Kelly Collins

Industry Leader, Automotive, Manufacturing & Energy

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Image of Elisabeth Svensson

Elisabeth Svensson

Industry Leader, Health

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Image of Brian Shellhorn

Brian Shellhorn

Industry Leader, Technology, Metaverse & Entertainment

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Image of Noelle McDonald

Noelle McDonald

Industry Leader, Microsoft

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Image of Susie Hall

Susie Hall

President, Community & Customer Engagement

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Image of Nunzio Domilici

Nunzio Domilici


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Image of Steve Dempsey

Steve Dempsey

Head of People

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Image of Simon Lusty

Simon Lusty


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Image of Zachary Hunter

Zachary Hunter


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Image of Steve Kapner

Steve Kapner

Co-founder and Managing Director

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Image of Mia Wenjen

Mia Wenjen


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