Our Mission

All jobs are temporary. We make them better.

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We believe in the power of a flexible workforce—temporary talent, contingent labor, the extended workforce, contractors, freelancers—to help companies be more agile and responsive to changing business priorities and market conditions. We also believe that work shouldn’t be constrained to the four walls of an office, a 9-to-5 schedule, or a traditional career path.

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We believe that leaving your career path in the hands of your employer is old-school. Talent should be in the driver’s seat of their careers, equipped with the tools, skill-building, and autonomy to forge their own path. At the same time, talent shouldn’t have to go it alone when it comes to job searching and career decisions—they deserve a partner to coach and advise them along the way.

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We believe that a diverse workplace delivers better outcomes for companies and their workforce. An inclusive environment—where different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are valued—is critical to ensuring everyone can contribute, grow their careers, and thrive.

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We believe that the contingent workforce should be on an equal playing field with their traditional employee peers, particularly when it comes to employee benefits. Contingent talent deserve the same quality and level of benefits as employees, including comprehensive health insurance, paid sick leave, retirement plans, and more.

Our Company

Aquent is not a follower.

We are a global workforce solutions company that helps organizations find, grow, and support their most valuable resource—people. More than 30 years ago, we invented the creative and marketing staffing specialty and continue to be the largest in the world. By challenging conventional wisdom, we continuously innovate across talent, services, and technology within the creative space and beyond.

The name Aquent actually means “not a follower.” Here’s how we live up to our name:

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Talent Benefits

We challenged the norm by becoming the first staffing company to provide full comprehensive benefits to contingent talent.

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Aquent Square Deal

We proved that giving benefits to contingent talent doesn’t cost money, it makes money.

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Aquent Scout

We transformed talent acquisition by building a smarter alternative to traditional MSP/VMS providers that combines a vast recruiting marketplace, machine learning, integrations with ATS/HRIS tools, and streamlined back-office functions.

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Aquent Studios

We defied expectations of what you get when outsourcing creative work, combining top-notch talent and project leadership with cost-efficiencies and technology to deliver amazing outcomes at scale.

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Vitamin T

We built a talent agency that combines the power of data-driven insights with an award-winning commitment to service to become the go-to resource for creative, marketing, and design talent.

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Aquent’s Book

We created a portfolio search engine that uses image classification, object detection, and natural language processing to make it easier to find the right creative talent.

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Aquent Robohead

We designed the leading marketing project management application for in-house creative teams to manage people, deadlines, and deliverables.

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Aquent Gymnasium

We invested in lifelong learning for creatives by offering free online courses taught by industry experts.

Our history creates our future.

We’re committed to developing breakthrough solutions, challenging how things are traditionally done, and transforming work for the better.

Our Team

Meet our agents of change.