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Nunzio Domilici


Nunzio Domilici, the fourth employee hired by the three founders, was actually the first “temp” placed on assignment by the fledgling staffing firm back in 1987.

From the outset, Nunzio has played a key role in developing Aquent's operations. He served as VP of Finance while Aquent's revenues grew to $40 million. As VP of IT, Nunzio oversaw the development of Aquent's proprietary, real-time interactive database.

Prior to becoming Aquent's CFO in 2000, Nunzio spearheaded Aquent's expansion into the world of high-end graphic design at the helm of Aquent's “Portfolio” business unit and then as president of strategy and evangelism, responsible for overall business strategy and alliances with key professional organizations, including the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA).

Nunzio graduated from Harvard College in 1987 with a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology.