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Aquent believes in benefits equality

No on California’s Prop 22; yes to fair and equal benefits everywhere.

“For gig companies, the free ride on benefits is finally up.”


Proposition 22, a California ballot initiative, proposes a complete exemption from their AB5 law, which entitles workers to minimum wage, overtime pay, workers' compensation, unemployment insurance, and paid sick leave. Aquent stands against Prop 22 because it denies workers their rights by willfully misclassifying them and denying crucial protections such as comprehensive benefits and fair wages.

Workers should not have to choose between independence and benefits. We believe both can work hand-in-hand. We provide our talent (our W-2 employees) with fair pay, paid sick leave, 401(k) options with an employer match, and the same healthcare benefits as our CEO. All while empowering our talent to independently grow their careers.

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