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Listen up, design leaders. InsideOut is now streaming.


Learn from industry experts with our new resource—InsideOut: Design Leadership Insights. Now available anytime, anywhere.
LAST UPDATED: February 23, 2024

Listen: Listen up, design leaders. InsideOut is now streaming.

We're listening—and now, you can, too! We know how busy design leaders are these days, and yet, there's so much content out there it's impossible to keep up. And so, we are excited to launch a new resource to support leaders in their learning journey, on their own time and without even having to read.

Announcing the InsideOut: Design Leadership Insights podcast

Our InsideOut Design Leader Community has been thriving since its launch in 2019. Custom-built for senior design leaders at high-profile brands, InsideOut is a safe space for leaders to gather in small-format roundtables to explore topics of interest. In fact, our members select every topic, keeping our discussions timely and relevant. To date, we've facilitated well over 300 sessions for those leaders, with many more to come!

Not only do these leaders love to learn, they also love to share their challenges and ideas to help creative leaders everywhere. That's why we started writing blog posts back in 2020 to publish high-level, thought-provoking insights from our roundtables. We've tackled lots of hot leadership topics in the many articles we've produced, and recently we've taken that effort to the next level by adding audio recordings to each.

And today, we're compiling and sharing those recordings in our brand-new podcast called InsideOut: Design Leadership Insights, making our content even more accessible.

You won't want to miss out on the real-world examples and suggestions from some really bright senior design leaders. We're covering topics like:

Start listening today 

Sit back and relax—or if you've got no time to relax, keep doing what you're doing and tune in to our podcast in the background. No matter how you decide to enjoy the InsideOut podcast, we hope you do enjoy it and share with others. Available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

If you're still into reading, don't worry. All our InsideOut posts will continue to be available (with audio recordings) right here on our blog. Let's keep learning together!