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Paving the way for gender equity in the workplace

How to tackle gender bias in today’s workplace dynamics.

“Support from influential players in organizations sets expectations for others that they should do the same and reiterates the importance of advocacy in the workspace.”

Rohshann Pilla President, Aquent Talent

Despite comprising nearly half of the U.S. labor force, and a majority of college-educated workers, women still encounter barriers to career advancement, including the enduring gender pay gap and biases in remote work arrangements. These issues, and three strategies to help close the gender pay gap, are the focus of an article in Fast Company by the President of Aquent Talent, Rohshann Pilla. The article examines the evolving landscape for women in the contemporary workforce, celebrating the strides made while acknowledging the persistent challenges that hinder true gender equity. For example, Pilla references Aquent's 2024 Salary Guide, which revealed that pay discrepancies range from 8% to 12% between men and women for creative, marketing, and design roles. The piece also explores strategies for achieving true gender parity, emphasizing the importance of pay transparency, equitable career progression, and inclusive parental leave policies. Ultimately, it calls on leaders across industries to take deliberate steps to dismantle barriers and foster an environment of true equity for all employees.

This article originally appeared on Fast Company.

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