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Aquent's Book Revolutionizes the Way Brands Discover Creative Talent

Aquent's Book Revolutionizes the Way Brands Discover Creative Talent

BOSTON, October 1, 2019 - Creative portfolios have long since gone digital, however, until now there has been no effective way to search through these digital portfolios to uncover and connect with the right talent. Aquent and its Vitamin T business unit, the largest providers of creative, design, marketing, and development talent services worldwide, today announced the solution for companies looking to find the best talent and talent looking to connect with the best opportunities: Aquent's Book.

Existing digital portfolio searches rely on self-tagging, a process that is time-consuming and ineffective for both creative talent and hiring managers. Often images are not tagged, and when they are, they’re tagged inaccurately, making a good search impossible. 

“Digital portfolios are only valuable if they can be found, and the ability to use technology to uncover the right portfolio, the right creative, and pinpoint the right talent didn’t exist until now,” said John Chuang, co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Aquent. “Aquent's Book does for creative portfolio search what Google did for information search. It goes beyond what's available today by auto-tagging portfolios with image classification and object detection, knowing whether it’s looking at a billboard or a banner ad or a brochure. It saves talent hours tagging their work, and makes sure our clients find perfect matches for the jobs they need done.”

Applying more than 24 million object and image labels, Aquent’s Book provides precise auto-tagging, enabling portfolio search consistency and deep insight. Using natural language processing, Aquent's Book combines image search with full-text search. It sifts through millions of portfolios, finds the precise type of work a client is looking for, and then displays the breadth of the candidate’s creative capabilities.

Aquent's Book also offers detailed information on fully-vetted talent including location, rates, and most importantly availability—ensuring that the talent pool clients are selecting from is ready to work right when they need them. Finally, Aquent's Book uniquely combines advanced technology with human expertise. Machines comb through millions of portfolios to a shortlist, and Aquent agents take it from there to curate a few top matches. 

Aquent's Book is being used today by Aquent and Vitamin T agents to help clients find the best creative talent. For more information, please visit: 

About Aquent

Aquent is the world's largest creative, design, marketing, and development staffing and recruiting firm, providing total workforce services that range from temporary and permanent staffing to freelancer management and the outsourcing of entire teams. A five-time recipient of Inavero’s Best of Staffing Client Award, Aquent delivers innovative workforce solutions that simultaneously drive marketing results for clients and provide talent with the best career opportunities. Aquent LLC's divisions—Aquent, Aquent Studios, and Vitamin T—span seven countries on four continents. To learn more, visit

About Vitamin T

Vitamin T is an innovative creative and marketing talent agency for some of the world’s biggest and fastest-moving brands. We combine technology and best-in-class recruiting practices to understand your unique needs and provide you with cutting-edge creative and digital talent, FAST. To learn more, visit

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