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Work different.
Work better.

As a global work solutions company, we help guide businesses toward the talent, technology, and services they need to create a better future of work.

Our Relationships

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Merck's digital agency spending had to be slashed with no side effects.

Global pharmaceutical giant Merck supports 40+ brands and too many agencies. Aquent Studios assembled a design execution team, on-site and off-site, cutting costs but maintaining quality.


Aquent Studios

To the stars with NASA at warp creative speed.

Creating immersive digital experiences and award-winning visual presentations, our team of Illustrators, Animators, 3D Modelers, Art Directors, and Full-Stack Developers help rocket NASA's innovative research into the future.


Aquent Talent

When Google wants to find great talent, they ask us.

Over 400 Aquent talent have been placed in 15 Google divisions across the globe—from Google Play to Workspace, Nest to Maps. We fill roles for UX Researchers and Designers, Producers, Video Editors, Content Strategists, Project Managers, and more.


Aquent Talent