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Aquent’s 2022 Future of Work report reflects a desire for more freedom in where and how we work

Employers should build the internal support and culture that draws and retains top talent—no matter their lifestyle or location.

“Companies should place outcomes over office hours and focus on supporting employees, wherever they are.”

Mark Brim / General Manager/ Global SVP Services Industry Group, Aquent

Aquent's General Manager/Global SVP Services Industry Group, Mark Brim, recently penned an article for Employee Benefit News in which he cited some important findings from a survey of 3500 employees conducted for Aquent's 2022 Future of Work report. One theme identified by the report was that employees everywhere are making working anywhere a big priority. In fact, three in five employees surveyed say they want to live as a digital nomad within the next one to three years. With the shift to more remote and nomadic work, Brim says employers and organizations must build the internal support and culture alongside robust infrastructure and processes to cultivate a workplace that draws and retains top talent—no matter their lifestyle or location. One way organizations can do that is by offering benefits that remote and nomadic workers prioritize. For example, flexible and comprehensive healthcare benefits can allow remote workers to get the care they need wherever they are located. Brim adds that while supporting nomadic workers requires a significant workplace culture shift, the benefits to employees and employers are well worth the effort. After all, when employees are given the freedom to have a work-life balance and focus on their passions outside of work, they perform better and deliver better results for their employers. 

This article originally appeared on Employee Benefit News.

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