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Aquent introduces new service to provide equal benefits to contingent workers

Aquent Square Deal's benefits ecosystem allows companies to provide equal benefits for their extended workforce.

Aquent, a talent services company, announced the launch of Aquent Square Deal, a new service that will enable companies to offer their contingent workforce equal benefits.

Aquent Square Deal is a benefits ecosystem that allows companies to seamlessly implement comprehensive, highly customized benefits for their extended workforce. The goal is to solve a complex challenge–leveling the benefits playing field for all workers.

“In today's labor market, there is major inequality and a two-tier workforce that exists between a company's employees and their contingent workers when it comes to benefits. If large companies don't step up and take the lead to solve this problem, then nobody will. That is why we have created a new innovative solution that provides comprehensive benefits packages to the extended workforce efficiently and at scale.”


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were nearly 6 million contingent workers in 2017. In many companies, up to 50% of workers are contingent, even outnumbering full-time employees in some cases. While a company's employees typically have access to great benefits, oftentimes their extended workforce of temporary and contract workers do not receive any.

“A flexible workforce is necessary to help American companies maintain their competitive edge. And the best way to attract and retain these workers is to give them equal benefits. Sooner or later, large companies are going to have to find a way to provide them, so we have taken the proactive step of helping them become leaders today,” added Chuang.

Aquent's Square Deal offering includes:

  • Exceptional benefits quality on par with internal employee coverage.
  • Benefits, policies, and eligibility designed for variable work—full- and part-time, long- and short-term assignments.
  • Insurance plan design tailored to hard-to-insure contingent workers.
  • Fully customizable options with no limits on what benefits can be offered.
  • Ability to retain existing talent suppliers.
  • Focus on customer service and experience for workers with continual satisfaction monitoring.

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About Aquent

Aquent is a leading talent services company, providing marketing and creative talent, managed services, extended workforce benefits, project management, and professional development. Founded in a dorm room in 1986, Aquent now employs 10,000 people each year across eight countries. In 1993, Aquent became the first staffing company to offer full comprehensive benefits to its temporary employees. Aquent's other business units include Aquent Studios, Vitamin T, Scout, RoboHead, and Gymnasium. To learn more, visit

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