We care for your payrolled talent like you care for your employees.

Aquent Square Deal is a fresh approach to payroll transfer that enables you to attract and retain top-performing talent at a fair, competitive price. Unlike traditional payrolling, our Employer of Record Service delivers a premium talent experience and ultimate flexibility and pricing transparency for clients.

Benefits of Employer of Record

  • Self-source your contingent talent without needing to employ them directly.
  • Re-engage talent you’ve worked with before (past contractors, furloughed workers, alumni, etc.) without the commitment of added headcount.
  • Seamlessly onboard, employ, and offboard large groups of talent for surge needs.
  • Mitigate risks that come along with using contractors for your temporary talent needs.

Here’s how Square Deal works.

Recruit talent any way you like

Use any recruiting method or partner—self-sourcing and pre-identified candidates, the Aquent Scout recruiter network, or even your existing staffing agencies.

Employ talent through us

We become the employer of record, offering industry-leading benefits, options to customize benefits, professional development opportunities, and white-glove talent care.

The more talent, the better

Adding more talent gives you economies of scale that create cost savings, mitigate your co-employment risk, and make it easy to roll out new labor initiatives. At the same time, talent get a consistently great experience.

We take care of your recruiting partners

For any talent sourced through another vendor, we serve as the single point of contact during talent engagements and pay vendor recruitment fees quickly and seamlessly.

Why partner with Aquent?

Clear, competitive pricing

The more talent in the program, the greater your cost savings from economies of scale. We also decouple recruitment fees from talent management costs, so you know exactly what you’re paying for and that it’s a fair deal.

Mitigate your risk

Since talent are our employees, we eliminate worker misclassification risk under IRS regulations and laws like California’s AB5. We also help mitigate co-employment risk (without tenure limits) through industry-leading benefits and customization options to close the gap between your employees and talent.

Exceptional talent care

Our talent care programs include regular check-ins, career coaching, skills training, and more. We’re proud to be recognized for our commitment to talent, winning ClearlyRated’s Best of Talent Satisfaction Award 11 years in a row.

Unparalleled, customizable coverage

Our benefits include three employer-subsidized major medical plans, employer-subsidized dental, paid sick leave in all 50 states and Canada, a retirement plan with employer match, four flexible spending accounts, and much more.

Fast benefits eligibility

Talent are offered coverage even for part-time or short-term engagements. Unlike many other providers, we don’t require talent to work full-time for 12 consecutive months to get benefits.

Pay for what you use

With our one-of-a-kind metered benefits program, you can pay talent costs as they are incurred. That means we wouldn’t bill you for things like health insurance if a talent declines it or for unused sick days.

Our work is bigger than us.

Case Study

Some companies rave about their benefits. Our talent at Microsoft rave about using them.

Client Success

When Microsoft wanted its staffing vendors to offer generous time off and leave benefits, we delivered customized benefits while fostering a culture where talent are encouraged to use them. Since implementing, turnover has dropped dramatically.

Case Study

Marketing fast meal delivery to millennials, Amazon couldn’t wait for slow foodie writers.

Client Success

Standard food industry recipe writers who work with chefs are great, but not when you’re selling modern home meal prep. Aquent provided Amazon Meal Kits with the right writers, data analyst, and hyper-efficient project management. Bon appetit.

Case Study

Better benefits for contingent talent simply computes at Texas Instruments.

Client Success

The corporate communications team at Texas Instruments supports a portfolio of 45,000 products. To attract and retain the best contingent talent, we redesigned their benefit packages. Today, worker satisfaction is way up, and turnover is way down.

Case Study

When Google searched for partners to achieve benefits equality, we came up first.

Client Success

Leading the charge in benefits equality, Google set higher standards for contingent worker benefits to be implemented by 2022. Building on decades of experience offering industry-leading benefits, we were first to meet the standards, two years early.

Case Study

At Facebook, talent really like our benefits.

Client Success

Wanting to address benefits inequality among contingent workers, Facebook turned to us to help develop and implement a solution. Five years later, talent at Facebook applaud their generous benefits program and the sense of fairness it has created.