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Addressing gender disparities and advancing equity in the workplace

Transforming work culture by addressing gender disparities head-on.

“In the workplace, there is still work that we as leaders must do to help women achieve true gender equity.”

Rohshann Pilla President, Aquent Talent

An article in ALM Benefits by the President of Aquent Talent, Rohshann Pilla, highlights data from Aquent's 2024 Salary Guide while examining the root causes of gender disparities at work, including microaggressions and remote work biases. The piece, which coincides with Women's History Month, emphasizes the importance of organizational efforts to address these issues through strategies like flexible work arrangements and inclusive workplace cultures. Pilla strongly advocates for a concerted effort to break down systemic barriers for women in the workplace. She writes that fostering a workplace culture that actively promotes gender equality is essential for creating an environment where all individuals have equal opportunities to thrive personally and professionally.

This article originally appeared on ALM | Benefits Pro.

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