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Connecting in uncertain times is more important than ever, so Aquent’s communities are now virtual. Our communities — InsideOut, RoboHead Executive Council, and Four Good in partnership with Capital One — provide the chance to share ideas, learn together, and produce meaningful results.

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Where in-house leaders connect and share ideas.

InsideOut is an exclusive, invitation-only community for visionary in-house design and operations leaders seeking new ways to expand their networks and move their business forward. Our small-group live roundtables, with content driven by attendees, lead to meaningful discussions, new ideas, and real connections that last. InsideOut members:

  • Connect with leadership peers to build relationships that create opportunities for growth
  • Tackle real-world problems in a safe - and small - facilitated discussion format
  • Collaborate and share insights that help leaders advance and enhance their value

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RoboHead Executive Council

An engaged, influential group of RoboHead users.

The RoboHead Executive Council gives our users an opportunity to connect with other leaders, share best practices, give direct feedback to the RoboHead dev team, and influence the future of our technology.

  • Get an insider view of the RoboHead roadmap and help shape what’s next
  • Understand operational trends based on aggregate RoboHead user data
  • Learn best practices for leading an in-house creative or marketing team

To lean more more, please contact:

J.J. Thoele /

Director, Marketing & Sales
(612) 315-6831

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Four Good

Creative talent contributes to local communities as only they can.

Four Good is a local meet up that brings creative minds together and inspires them to solve a problem for a local non-profit within a 4-hour time frame. When talent joins to “Connect Collaborate Create Cause" charities are transformed and the possibilities are endless.

  • Elevate an important non-profit using your unique design/marketing skills
  • Disconnect from your day-to-day and use your skills as a force for good, with new creative partners
  • Get together with passionate, like-minded professionals where egos, titles and paychecks are left at the door

Powered by Capital One + Aquent.

To lean more more, please contact:

Dana Ailsworth /

Managing Director
(804) 620-3960