Access thousands of specialized recruiters in one intelligent platform.

Aquent Scout is a recruitment marketplace that matches you to the best recruiters to fill your open roles. Tap into all the top recruiters across job categories, find the right permanent and contingent candidates faster, and seamlessly manage all your vendor relationships and back-office functions in one place, through a single point of contact.


Why Aquent Scout?

Engage every great recruiter

Work with all the best recruiters across job categories and markets. We make vendor expansion easy with our network of thousands of specialist recruiters to help you find the very best people.

Recruiter performance ratings

We rate individual recruiters, not supplier companies. These ratings help intelligently match recruiters to open roles, maximizing the success of your talent search.

Cut time to hire

Our vast marketplace of proven, specialized recruiters means you get the right candidates faster, slashing time-to-hire up to 40%.

Save on employment costs

Unlock economies of scale by consolidating your talent under Aquent as the employer of record. Recruit through the Scout marketplace and continue using your existing staffing vendors if you wish, all in one place.

Improve candidate diversity

By working with multiple recruiters nationwide, you can tap into a much deeper, more diverse pool of candidates.

Streamline everything

We’re a single source of accountability to manage all your temporary staffing and permanent search firm relationships. We simplify vendor management with one contract, one invoice, and one process.

Integrates with tools you already use

Aquent Scout seamlessly integrates into the most popular ATS and HRIS tools, so you don’t need to change your workflow or add any new software or infrastructure.

Client Successes

Case Study

Aquent Scout helps Ball Aerospace keep its contingent workforce flying high.

Client Success

Ball Aerospace turned to Aquent Scout to fill several highly specialized contract engineering roles. We seamlessly connected to their human capital management programs and tapped into a universe of talent, so all systems are go!

Case Study

Bridgestone relies on Aquent Scout to help keep its supply chain rolling along.

Client Success

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tire manufacturer, turned to Aquent Scout to help staff their new Nashville headquarters and fill the critical engineering, technician, and skilled-trade roles that keep their supply chain (and our cars) driving forward.

Case Study

Patients rely on Providence St. Joseph Health. The healthcare system relies on Aquent Scout.

Client Success

On any given day, Providence St. Joseph Health has thousands of job openings. Since using Aquent Scout to help fill critical roles (Nurses, Physicians, etc.), they are receiving candidates much faster and have cut average fill time by a month.


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