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Collaboration is key in 3D design, so make your job easy.


A good idea can come from anywhere. Learn how to get the most out of your 3D design projects by incorporating brand innovation at every level.
LAST UPDATED: May 12, 2023

Key Takeaways

  • Project management techniques that are used in other creative work for 3D design build trust between departments, encourage collaboration, and raise visibility.
  • Aquent RoboHead enables this by allowing designers to upload nearly any 3D file and email a link for others to view, comment, and provide feedback.
  • This new tool offers a unified solution that showcases a team's hard work with tangible data illustrating hours worked and effects on company goals. 

Listen: Collaboration is key in 3D design, so make your job easy.

Designers working with 3D files often find themselves isolated and unable to take full advantage of their creative potential. Currently, the specialized technology used for 3D work makes it difficult for teams to collaborate in real time or bring outside stakeholders into the fold. Streamlining projects so that they fit more smoothly with how your organization already works can help unlock these opportunities, leading to better work that helps prove just what an asset 3D design really is.

Make 3D design more accessible

It may be difficult for people who aren't 3D designers themselves to contribute meaningfully to 3D projects. Many design teams now rely on in-person or live video meetings to demonstrate progress on 3D work because the files are intimidating and confusing to non-designers. You may relate to this struggle if you have ever uploaded a 3D project to Google Drive to showcase your work, only to get countless requests for technical support on how to access the file. 

“In the last few years, we have seen a great desire for businesses to scale up their 3D work for a variety of business cases. Despite these teams operating on some of the most powerful technologies ever built, they are often reverting to rather old-school collaboration techniques simply because there hasn't been an infrastructure to support high-level collaboration in one platform.”

Dan Perez President of Aquent RoboHead

Aquent RoboHead now allows users to upload nearly any 3D file. We currently support file formats including obj, fbx, dae, glb, gltf, and zae, and can email a link to anyone on your contact list. Then, the recipient can use the web browser on their phone or computer to open, look at, and comment on your file. This gives stakeholders quicker access to the files while also giving you a single source of truth for their comments and feedback. No more gathering random screenshots, Slack conversations, or video recordings with the recommended improvements.

Streamline your project management process

Most of the time, 3D designers are unable to use the same project management tools as the rest of the creative team because the file types are incompatible or inaccessible. However, everyone would benefit if the team were able to use the same project management techniques. It promotes collaboration and builds trust, and it also increases visibility to enable managers to monitor progress more easily. If these practices are implemented throughout your organization, they will create a unified path to achieving shared goals as quickly as possible. This will help you and your 3D team contribute even more value.

“Currently, 3D Designers are often left out of the process that the rest of the creative organization is following because traditional technologies don't support their design files. We're really proud that Aquent RoboHead is the first project management tool to bring these 3D Designers into the fold.”

Lee Winchell Product Manager for Aquent RoboHead

Making sure your project runs smoothly can be a daunting task when you don't have the proper tools. That's why you need a project management tool that brings 3D reviews into every step of the process from start to finish. Aquent RoboHead lets you manage any kind of project, from web pages and graphics to 3D product files and more complex models, all from one place. Projects no longer need fragmented solutions for different formats. Now everything is under one roof.

Connect creative vision to organizational objectives

For creatives of all stripes looking to highlight the efforts of their team, Aquent RoboHead provides an original, integrated solution.

“As our world embraces technology like the metaverse and artificial intelligence, this first-of-its-kind tool takes the conversation outside of the developers' room and makes 3D file technology easy and accessible for everyone. Internally, this platform has transformed our design team by helping us seamlessly collaborate across departments. It will surely do the same for our clients.”

Giovanni Castillo Senior Metaverse Designer at Aquent

At a time when organizations are striving to do more with less, having tangible data that directly illustrates the hours worked and their effects on company goals is critical to supporting your creative teams' needs. With this new tool, project managers can display data quickly and accurately while working on various projects, including 3D. It's an easy-to-use workspace solution that puts collaboration first.