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Work from home really works for parents

COVID19 has brought a vast increase in work-from-home job opportunities.

“This is a permanent change in the U.S. labor market.”


USA Today said the United States is in a “female recession,” with more women leaving the labor force than the total number of jobs the country added. The pandemic caused some women to think they had to choose between their careers and their children, who were often remote schooling to stay safe. John H. Chaung, the CEO of Aquent, sees big opportunities for these parents. Aquent supplies 10,000 talent each year to companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Chuang says companies are growing flexible about remote work and the change will be permanent. Employers are looking at the real estate expenses, commuting time, and realizing “we can be just as effective working from home.”

This article originally appeared on CBS WLNS-TV 6.

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