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They got promoted, so why are they still leaving?

How to maximize retention rates and create a healthier work environment.

“Promotions are not a Band-Aid solution to employee frustrations, especially if they have been mounting over weeks or months.”

Maggie Patterson Vice President, Experience Practice Leader, Aquent

According to a 2023 report by ADP, 29% of employees leave their job within one month of receiving a promotion. This surprising statistic is at the heart of an HR Daily Advisor article authored by Aquent's Vice President, Experience Practice Leader, Maggie Patterson. The piece details several proactive steps that companies can take to ensure that promotions result in positive outcomes for the employee and the employer. Concerted efforts to show employees how much they are appreciated, practicing pay equity and transparency, and offering clear career advancement paths are all things employers must prioritize. While companies can't stop people from leaving, there are many things companies can do to become a values-driven, inclusive, supportive, and compassionate workplace. When leadership better assists employees in their own success, the result is higher retention rates for high-potential individuals and the creation of a healthier work environment that benefits everyone.

This article originally appeared on HR Daily Advisor.

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