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The evolution of AI leadership roles in marketing

Innovative approaches and roles are driving AI integration in brand management.

“There's a need for Director- as well as VP-and-above-level roles to drive AI forward.”

Simon Lusty CMO, Aquent

An article in Adweek highlights how brands are adapting to leverage generative AI to enhance consumer experiences. The article notes the emergence of new positions, such as Chief AI Officers (CAIOs) and Directors specializing in generative AI and product strategy. Aquent CMO, Simon Lusty, provided some insights into this trend, noting the rise of CAIO positions, with examples like Coca-Cola appointing a Global Head of Generative AI. Lusty emphasized the need for brands to build robust teams at various levels, including Directors and VPs, to move AI initiatives forward effectively. In addition, the article explores the challenges brands face in operationalizing AI investments and the shifting labor force dynamics as AI reshapes traditional roles within marketing.

This article originally appeared on Adweek.

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