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Staffing agencies unite to address cyber threats

The industry’s joint effort to build a protective shield for client and talent data.

“Cybersecurity has been a relevant issue for all industries for years and is the top global business risk for 2024.”

Peter Lincoln CISO, Aquent, and co-founder of the Staffing Cybersecurity Peer Group

The growing significance of cybersecurity within the staffing industry is the focus of an article in SIA by Aquent's Chief Information Security Officer, Peter Lincoln. The piece highlights the challenges posed by potentially vulnerable client and talent data and the need for collaborative efforts among staffing agencies to address cybersecurity risks effectively. Peter co-founded the Staffing Cybersecurity Peer Group with cybersecurity leaders from other leading staffing agencies. Aquent is taking a leadership role within the group and is helping set standards that will facilitate real-time information sharing and the enhancement of cybersecurity awareness across the industry. Ultimately, Peter and the Staffing Cybersecurity Peer Group are advocating for a united approach to cybersecurity within the staffing industry, stressing the importance of collective defense in safeguarding against evolving cyber threats. 

This article originally appeared on SIA.

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