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How employers and employees can prepare for success in the metaverse

As the modern workplace shifts, successful companies will embrace changes brought about by the metaverse.

“The most important thing for companies looking to explore what opportunities the metaverse has in store is to take that first step.”

Mark Brim, Industry Leader Services, Aquent

While some companies are still unsure about how and when it will affect their businesses, the metaverse is a growing universe of potential that will transform the ways we connect socially and professionally. That's one of the major themes from a recent article in Employee Benefit News authored by Aquent's Mark Brim. According to Brim, Aquent defines the metaverse as a spectrum of experiences ranging from virtual places to digital ownership. He notes that while some employers and employees may be hesitant to invest in upskilling for the changes that will come with the metaverse, they should actually begin preparing today. Brim adds that leaders must find the right metaverse partners to guide them as they launch experimental programs to transform both the customer and employee experience. He points to Aquent's Metaverse Innovation Team as an example of how the firm is migrating its workforce and upskilling associates. He adds that Aquent is ultimately building a metaverse practice across all divisions to deliver metaverse work solutions and co-create with our clients.

This article originally appeared on Employee Benefit News (EBN).

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