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How AI and machine learning can help with building diverse teams

AI can help change the recruitment and hiring process to promote healthier, happier, and more diverse teams.

“Diverse teams have access to a broad wealth of backgrounds, ideas, and solutions that allow them to innovate more quickly and effectively.”

Mark Brim Global SVP, Services Industry Group, Aquent

While corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives have been growing over the past several years, a volatile economy and recent layoffs have led to major companies scaling back their DEI efforts. Aquent's Global SVP, Services Industry Group, Mark Brim, wrote a piece for EBN in which he argues that a more consistent commitment to DEI efforts is needed by companies and that AI and machine learning are emerging as one of the solutions to the challenges faced by many DEI programs. Brim writes that, combined with careful monitoring and evaluation, AI can be an effective tool for creating stronger teams and companies. For example, AI can help companies assess their current employee landscapes by comprehensively analyzing data while helping eliminate subconscious biases. Companies can use the information gained from AI and machine learning analysis to pinpoint unintentional barriers in their hiring process, opening up opportunities for new additions that will strengthen and expand their team. Another way AI can support DEI efforts is by using it to help craft job descriptions that remove barriers for qualified applicants. Brim notes that a common concern with AI is that it can actually perpetuate the very biases it was designed to remove. He stresses the importance of having oversight in place to mitigate the risk of AI bias and strongly believes  that, if integrated with the varied skills and experiences of a diverse team, AI can be utilized to transform companies' approach to DEI.

This article originally appeared on Aquent’s Mark Brim pens article on integrating AI into corporate DEI initiatives.

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