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Hiring recent grads? How to onboard them effectively

The right onboarding program can ensure new hires stick with their employers for the long haul.

“The onboarding experience should be a representation of what it's like to be an employee and a great jumping-off point for a long career.”


For the graduating class of 2023, who were freshmen when the COVID pandemic started, the transition into a changing work world may be especially jarring. Many graduates are concerned they don't have enough in-person work experience. An article in Employee Benefit Newsexplores the unique challenges for this group entering the workforce and how employers can ease this transition with an effective onboarding process. The article features insights from Rohshann Pilla, President of Aquent Talent, around what makes an onboarding experience effective for new hires and employers. Having an opportunity to connect and network in a professional setting is a top priority for new grads. Employers can help foster connections by onboarding new employees in groups rather than individually. According to Pilla, “Creating a cohort with other new hires at the same stage of the company journey, and then setting up touch points with other employees in the organization through informal mentorships really makes all the difference.” Also, onboarding is no longer a one-and-done event. Pilla says, “It's really important to follow the employees' journey with touchpoints and pulse surveys.” She adds that new grads should own their part by being proactive about using their skills and strengths to build new relationships and get the most out of their new role.

This article originally appeared on Employee Benefit News.

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