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Flexibility is the key to fostering the creative workflow

Employers should prioritize optimal results over maximum results to retain creative talent and ensure quality work.

“If employers are still measuring employee productivity by seat time, they're missing the point.”

Mark Brim, President – VitaminT

Although talent are now playing a larger role in deciding when and where they work, companies are still concerned about productivity and accountability. Vitamin T President Mark Brim recently wrote about this topic in an article for HR Dive. Mark says that creative productivity cannot be limited to the hour-by-hour workday. Creativity is identified as one of the top five skills to guarantee success in the future of work. Employers can help their talent develop this skill by offering flexible work schedule options and re-thinking productivity metrics so that quality is weighed more heavily than speed and volume. One of the major upsides for employers is a reduction in turnover, as the cost of losing creative talent (and their institutional knowledge) can be high. Mark concludes that for companies to succeed going forward, they will need to work with talent on their preferred working arrangements.

This article originally appeared on HR Dive.

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