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Aquent’s Atlanta area employees more than happy to go fully remote

Pandemic related shift to remote work becomes permanent as firm and staff see improved work-life balance and productivity.

“We didn't skip a beat. And our staff adapted very quickly and then began to thrive.”


Who wouldn't want to reduce their commute time by over an hour each way? That's how Aquent's Chris McCann is viewing the company's decision to embrace a fully remote work policy for its employees in 35 cities around the country. Instead of starting a lengthy commute to Aquent's Midtown Atlanta offices at 6:30 in the morning, McCann exercises and spends more time with his family before he jumps online at 8 a.m. to start working. As a workforce solutions company, Aquent has a unique perspective on the remote work trend. In speaking about his clients' staffing needs, McCann says, “one of the biggest benefits to the remote workforce is that the world has now become their talent base versus their city.” Aquent still plans to keep about ten percent of its offices for large meetings, special projects and certain clients, but will invest the money saved, by not leasing office space, in employee development programs. Erin Bloom, Aquent's Head of Community and Culture, says the company's shift to remote working went better than anyone initially expected and that employers and employees both benefit. “Lots of companies have seen the savings that can be achieved from this but the most important thing is we recognize that employees like the flexibility and control of their own lives that comes along with working remotely.”

This article originally appeared on WSB-TV Atlanta, GA.

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