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Aquent’s 2024 Salary Guide examines gender wage gaps and opportunities for growth in some tech roles

The guide is based on more than 21,000 salaries and covers 100+ roles.

“Companies that are committed to true pay equity should see this as a galvanizing moment to push forward with their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.”

Rohshann Pilla President of Aquent Talent

A news article from ALM BenefitsPRO featured a closer look at Aquent's 2024 Salary Guide for marketing, creative, and design professionals. The guide highlights persistent gender wage gaps and emerging technology roles. Despite signs of a shrinking gender wage gap in 2023, this year's guide indicates that female workers now earn 90% of their male counterparts. This finding has led Aquent to emphasize the opportunity and need for companies to reassess team-building strategies and fair compensation. The guide also identifies high-demand roles in design, engineering, and operations, with salaries for positions like concept artist, AR/XR/VR engineer, and AI content moderator/auditor experiencing significant growth. Aquent's guide underscores the evolving workplace landscape and the importance of constant efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.

This article originally appeared on ALM BenefitsPRO.

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