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Aquent’s 2023 Talent Insights Report reveals common traits of successful teams

The highest-performing teams are remote, diverse, and open to innovative technologies, such as AI.

“It is my sincere hope that companies across the globe will lean on these findings to better inform their workplace policies and decisions.”

John H. Chuang Founder and CEO, Aquent

Aquent recently released their 2023 Talent Insights Report, detailing the findings based on a survey of 5,431 professionals globally. The annual report revealed that the highest-performing teams embrace remote work, value and seek out diversity, and are open to innovation and new technologies, such as AI. The data derived from the report underscores that teams granted the flexibility to work remotely demonstrate superior performance. According to the report, 66% of remote teams are identified as high-performing, compared to only 47% of on-site teams. The report also establishes a clear link between remote work and diversity, with 79% of remote teams effectively seeking diverse perspectives, in contrast to 61% of on-site teams. In addition, the data indicates that high-performing teams excel in adapting to change and embracing innovation, including the adoption of AI tools. Aquent's commitment to a fully remote working model, coupled with investments in new technologies and a focus on diversity and inclusion, serves as a testament to the importance of these findings in creating a successful work environment. Access the full 2023 Talent Insights Report on Aquent's website.

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