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Aquent’s 2023 Talent Insights Report awarded Grand Prize for B2B marketing

The ANA names the Talent Insights Report, The Renaissance of Teamwork, a Grand Prize winner at their annual In-House Excellence Awards.

“We are honored to be recognized for our commitment to crafting innovative and creative marketing work that delivers valuable talent insights to businesses. Our heartfelt thanks go to the ANA, the 2024 In-House Excellence Awards, and the dedicated panel of judges for this prestigious recognition.”

Andrew Morse Global Executive Creative Director

The ANA (Association of National Advertisers) In-House Excellence Awards spotlights the remarkable creativity and innovation of in-house creative and marketing teams. It recognizes the most creative, strategic, and growth-driving marketing and advertising initiatives. Aquent's uniquely crafted 2023 Talent Insights Report was named the Grand Prize winner in the B2B Marketing category, beating industry giants like Molson Coors and Deloitte. Surveying over 5,000 employees across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, the report delves into the characteristics of high-performing teams and their operational dynamics, offering invaluable leadership insights for those navigating the swiftly evolving world of work. Aquent's in-house team brought the report's “Renaissance of Teamwork” theme to life by crafting a compelling visual narrative imbued with the timeless elegance of 14th-century masterpieces. Taking cues from classical artistry, the team used generative AI with traditional digital design processes to create a series of “oil paintings” with a contemporary twist, seamlessly integrating modern devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and VR goggles. This synthesis of past and present not only sparks curiosity but also nurtures a synergy between tradition and innovation. These captivating visuals complement the substantial data and insights presented in the report, underscoring Aquent's dedication to enhancing creativity across all facets of marketing and business.

This article originally appeared on Association of National Advertisers.

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