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Aquent Talent President, Rohshann Pilla, shares how talent can stay ahead in the changing workforce

Three tips on how to remain competitive in the job market, excel in a career, and manage layoff anxiety.

“In our fast-changing world and workforce, it's wise to prepare for the unexpected.”

Rohshann Pilla President, Aquent Talent

In the wake of a wave of recent layoffs by U.S. companies, many in the workforce are feeling anxious about what the future holds. Rohshann Pilla, president of Aquent Talent, recently penned an article for Fast Company in which she outlines three key steps that talent can take to stay ahead of the competition and fight off the “Sunday scaries.” First, Pilla recommends that workers start upskilling around technologies like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence (AI). She also points to the opportunities in the metaverse and how more knowledge around these technologies can help talent understand how the new tech can work in their favor, as opposed to hurting their career prospects. Next, Pilla writes about the importance of workers building out their network. Getting to know recruiters, connecting with peers, joining professional organizations, and attending events can all help workers navigate the changing work environment. Finally, Pilla urges workers to keep their resume and LinkedIn profiles current. It all comes down to being prepared for the unexpected. Even if you are secure in your current position, it's always a good idea to understand how the employment landscape changes and to continue on a path of lifelong learning and personal growth.

This article originally appeared on Fast Company.

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