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Aquent launches Aquent Sustainability, dedicated to sustainable and environmentally conscious work solutions

Aquent Sustainability will empower clients to make environmentally & financially sustainable decisions

Boston, MA – April 22, 2023 – In honor of Earth Day, global work solutions company Aquent announced today the launch of Aquent Sustainability, a division dedicated to bringing sustainable work solutions to clients. Aquent Sustainability will help businesses hire professionals for strategy, ESG reporting, social impact, and sustainable projects and initiatives.

This launch is the natural evolution of Aquent's commitment to fighting climate change. After spending the past four years slashing their own carbon footprint and building clean energy projects, this division will expand upon Aquent's expertise in work solutions and environmentally conscious practices. In addition to pairing clients with top freelance and temporary sustainability professionals, Aquent Sustainability will work alongside clients to build robust in-house Sustainability Teams, and consult on best practices to help them scale their sustainability efforts.

“Without a bright future for our planet, there's no bright future for work,” says John H. Chuang, CEO of Aquent. “While many leaders recognize the urgency of climate change, few companies have actively made strides toward reducing their environmental impact. Business leaders must prioritize net-zero and carbon-negative initiatives central to their mission. Aquent leads by example in climate action by providing sustainability solutions to our clients and doing our part to mitigate the impact of climate change for generations to come.”

Aquent has demonstrated a years-long commitment to sustainability and has taken strides toward becoming carbon negative. In 2020, after seeing the positive impact that remote work has on both the environment and employees, the company decided to make remote work permanent, closing more than 30 offices around the world and reducing its carbon footprint by 41%. Additionally, Aquent rolled out six solar projects in 2023, with construction underway for several more in 2024. These projects represent a 5x increase in Aquent's carbon offsets, accelerating their path to becoming carbon negative. The company prioritized solar investments in coal-heavy states, meaning every project in the region has an even greater impact and eliminates more coal usage than in places that already have alternative energy infrastructure.

“The first step to achieving sustainability in any company is focusing on the nature of a company's operations and how they impact the environment and community around them,” says Jody Mousseau, Vice President of Sustainability Development. “Reporting requirements and consumer expectations continue to evolve. Every company has opportunities for sustainable improvement, but with the right approach, these changes have the potential to increase the company's profitability long term.”

Aquent Sustainability is the next step in Aquent's mission to empower the future of businesses to foster environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. For more information about this initiative, visit the Aquent Sustainability webpage.

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