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A big change in how America works

The shift to remote work began with the pandemic but is here to stay.

“People have to be open to trying new things.”


Many companies have employees working from home to keep them safe. Experts believe it will change the way the U.S. will operate business in the future. Rebound Arizona spoke with Antonio Casian, who said he can take on new opportunities across the country, all from his Phoenix home office. Casian calls it a “dream come true,” that he can work for a company in Massachusetts from the comforts of his Arizona office. Aquent helped Casian find this option. “We're about to see a really big change in the economy where people are able to work from home, people are able to avoid commuting, people don't have to move to certain big cities in order to get certain jobs,” Aquent CEO John H. Chuang explained. To thrive in a remote workforce, he suggests getting comfortable with the technology. “People have to be really just open to trying new things,” Chuang said. “I think that is the biggest skill set you need.”

This article originally appeared on ABC 15 Arizona.

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