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8 interview questions to help you attract and retain top talent

With talented candidates still in the driver’s seat, companies need to stand out.

“The status quo interview questions are repetitive and ineffective in today's dynamic job market.”

Susie Hall/President of Community & Customer Engagement, Aquent

To help companies in their efforts to attract and retain top talent, Aquent's President of Community & Customer Engagement, Susie Hall, recently penned an article for SIA (Staffing Industry Analysts) entitled, “8 Interview Questions to Help You Attract—and Retain—Top Talent.” The article features a variety of unique questions that can help interviewers identify talented job candidates. How the candidate answers them can help reveal whether they reflect a hiring company's values and if they are in it for the long haul. The questions are centered around three themes, evaluating culture fit, uncovering aspirations, and retaining top talent. The article also includes Hall's thoughts on how important it is for companies to develop a diversity recruiting strategy and to consider “culture add” as opposed to “culture fit” when making new hires. In addition, the importance of providing employees with growth and learning opportunities as part of a company's retention efforts is discussed. According to Hall, “by taking a whole-person interview approach that addresses company culture, growth potential, and employee needs and aspirations, you can ensure that the talent you hire will flourish.”

This article originally appeared on SIA.

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