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40% of workers would leave jobs if forced to work full-time in the office

The pandemic has changed everything, and studies show Americans don’t want to lose workplace flexibility when it’s over.

“It comes down to really great leadership and trusting your employees to get the work done.”


A recent story by KCBS-TV in Los Angeles focused on how workers are and will be seeking more flexibility in the post-pandemic world. They cited a recent Bloomberg study that found nearly 40 percent of the workers they polled would leave their jobs if they were forced to work full time in the office. Those sentiments were unheard of, only two years ago, before COVID-19 changed everything. Aquent was noted for recently choosing not to renew the leases on its offices around the country, including those in Los Angeles and Orange County. The decision will affect thousands of employees but Aquent believes the move is in the best interest of the company and its employees. According to Aquent's Head of Culture and Community, Erin Bloom, “We realized we were wasting a lot of money on real estate and overhead expenses that could be better spent in investing in our staff.” Bloom says the company will invest some of the money saved in community building efforts and programs for employees. Experts believe the pandemic will leave a permanent mark on the way business is done, well after it's over.

This article originally appeared on KCBS-TV, Los Angeles.

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