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Aquent Talent

The global leader in talent and recruiting for marketing, creative, and design. We match the right people to the right roles and build relationships that help careers and companies thrive.

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Aquent Studios

A global co/creation agency built on a new model of engagement. We take partnerships further by enabling and empowering brands and crafting human-centered experiences together.

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Aquent RoboHead

A project management solution designed specifically for in-house marketing and creative teams that helps them focus on people, deadlines, and creative deliverables.

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Aquent Scout

The most powerful, intuitive total talent acquisition platform. We use intelligent recruiter matching to increase your access to talent and fill permanent and contingent jobs faster.

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Aquent Employer of Record

A premium employer of record solution to manage and retain the strongest contingent workforce. We take ownership of the end-to-end employment relationship, simplifying the process for clients and talent.

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Aquent Gymnasium

An online learning platform that offers free courses by industry experts in web design and development, user experience, accessibility, prototyping, content creation, and career skills.

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Client Successes

Case Study

AON relies on Aquent RoboHead to help communicate critical information to clients and investors.

Client Success

Global risk management firm, AON, has revenues of more than $10 billion a year and 50,000 employees around the world. They use Aquent RoboHead project management software to coordinate communications with clients, investors, and the general public.


Case Study

We did so well building in-house teams, Apple gave us an office too.

Client Success

Apple’s Beats by Dre invited us onsite to provide highly skilled talent; we delivered savings of over $15M per year. We now provide in-house talent to four Apple departments, increasing their on-demand talent pool by 300% with significant cost savings.


Case Study

Aquent Scout helps Ball Aerospace keep its contingent workforce flying high.

Client Success

Ball Aerospace turned to Aquent Scout to fill several highly specialized contract engineering roles. We seamlessly connected to their human capital management programs and tapped into a universe of talent, so all systems are go!


Case Study

Aquent Employer of Record is a #1 hit at Beats by Dre.

Client Success

Beats by Dre is driven by new product launches. As their employer of record, our talent power those launches by creating dynamic marketing (advertising, social, video, motion graphics) and by designing packaging for new Beats by Dre products.

Case Study

Bridgestone relies on Aquent Scout to help keep its supply chain rolling along.

Client Success

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tire manufacturer, turned to Aquent Scout to help staff their new Nashville headquarters and fill the critical engineering, technician, and skilled-trade roles that keep their supply chain (and our cars) driving forward.



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