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Talent Insights Report

Generative AI, DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) programs, the return to on-site—today’s workplace environment is constantly changing. As that continues, the imperative for team leadership grows more pivotal. Gain the latest insights.

What's Inside


Surveying more than 5,000 employees across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, we delve into the characteristics of high-performing teams and how they operate. Packed with leadership insights, it’s an essential read for navigating the rapidly shifting world of work.


Setting The Stage For High Performance

A look at the top dynamics, communication styles, and engagement practices that contribute to better outcomes and a team’s ability to achieve their goals.


To Adopt Or Not Adopt AI—That Is The Question

Generative AI can accelerate the creative process. High-performing teams who take a proactive stance toward using AI tools are more likely to uncover a first-mover advantage.


All The World’s A Virtual Workspace

“Return to office” grabs headlines, but working remotely empowers teams and makes them more productive. It also attracts a wider range of talented individuals, leading to more diverse teams.