Assess Talent FitBefore You Commit

Culture fit has never been more critical. With our Progressive Hire service, you can evaluate on-the-job performance, team chemistry, and business impact over 90 days before extending an  offer.

No pressure here. Use the industry expertise and deep networks of our award-winning talent agents to recruit the best person for the job. We’ll manage every step of the process: recruiting and placing top talent, assessing their performance and fit, and helping you make an informed hiring decision.

Our Progressive Hire Service

Assess long-term fit over 90 days; we

  • Learn client’s business and marketing objectives.
  • Define the role and identify company culture for a targeted search.
  • Search and vet candidates, presenting only the top choices for expediency.
  • Determine technical skills with assessments by experts, verifying candidate capabilities.
  • Manage talent onboarding and check in regularly with hiring managers for job alignment from day one.
  • Evaluate on-the-job performance and track milestones to provide clarity for hiring decisions.

Choosing the right marketing, digital, and creative talent can be tough. Our Progressive Hire service helps you hire with confidence.

It’s not the end of brick-and-mortar, it’s the golden age of retail.

Client Success:

Our client is a #1 specialty beauty brand with over 2,500 stores in 32 countries. A constant, curated stream of talent from Aquent helps it deliver omnichannel experiences to digitally-immersed consumers. Now, online sales outpace in-store sales.

We did so well building in- house teams, this tech giant gave us an office too.

Client Success:

After we reined in costs for one organization, three others at this technology giant wanted us to provide them in-house talent as well. When the work was done, Aquent had helped the client grow its high performance talent pool 300% in just one year. (And then we moved in.)

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