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Scale Talent the Right Way to Get Bigger Faster — and Also Better.

Ever-changing demands call for skilled talent. Our staffing service sources the design, creative, marketing, and development talent you need, whether you’re building out a new web experience, optimizing your digital marketing campaign performance, or launching an interactive series.

Access valuable talent who have put their specialized marketing and creative skill sets to work for the world’s biggest brands with the most exacting needs.

Our Staffing Service

Scale quickly; we

  • Use Aquent’s deep industry-specific talent pool and recruiting connections to identify top candidates.
  • Vet candidates verifying capabilities, including technical assessments through our expert network.
  • Implement reference checks and outside reviews, briefing the hiring manager on all feedback.
  • Manage the staffing process, facilitating communication and accelerating offer acceptance.
  • Ensure talent compliance with background screenings and any client-specific onboarding requirements.
  • Perform periodic check-ins, guaranteeing client and talent alignment.

For additional flexibility, read about our Time Choice Solution.

World-class brands need world-class talent. Take advantage of Aquent’s vast global freelance and contract network to propel your company’s success.

AARP logo

When AARP decided to take on the human brain, they counted on ours.

Client Success:

“Staying Sharp” is a cognitive assessment and brain training program, one of AARP’s largest initiatives. We provide award-winning UX design, interactive media, project management, and social response talent. Aquent works across AARP digital strategy, but Staying Sharp will blow your mind.

L’Oréal logo

3,689 miles from Paris, L’Oréal had to find big talent in small town America.

Client Success:

L’Oreal’s organic, vegan, sustainable brand Seed Phytonutrients gave us a formidable challenge: find local social media community managers who could attract influencers and build tribes. The results? Magnifique!

Capital Group logo

Capital Group Financial, digital-last, had to quickly go digital-first.

Client Success:

Millennials are hungry for content and want to interact with companies in whatever ways suit them. We helped this top financial services firm build an agile marketing team of direct hires, creative and digital specialists, and outsourced partners. Costs went down and performance, up.

Microsoft Cortana logo

Until AI has its own warmth and conversational skill, Microsoft needs writers.

Client Success:

Microsoft envisioned an everywhere-you-go virtual assistant app, Cortana. To keep its conversational style human, we staffed an innovative content mix of screenplay writers, dialogue doctors, and comedians.

Starbucks logo

Can Starbucks with its 18,000 locations ever feel like a neighborhood shop?

Client Success:

To design more locally relevant stores, the coffee giant needed dozens of architectural planners and interior designers adept with 3D design tools. Aquent talent is designing immersive stores and Starbucks’ 20,000 sq.ft. Innovation Center.

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