RoboHead helps you manage your team, deadlines, and creative deliverables with ease.

RoboHead is a cloud-based project management tool that was designed to work at the intersection of in-house creative teams, their projects, and their processes—from project initiation to performance analysis. It's affordable, quick to implement, and easy to use, making it a good fit for any organization. And since every creative group is a little different, RoboHead is easily adaptable to the way you work and the terminology you use.

Key features of RoboHead

Get up and running quickly

Thanks to simple, smart project request forms and project templates, you can easily build a project timeline and assign resources in minutes, which makes it easier than ever to get to work.

Understand team bandwidth

Know your team’s capacity (who’s available, who’s overloaded) at a glance so you can predict project needs and allocate resources accordingly.

Centralize feedback

Annotation and approval tools enable detailed creative collaboration across your team and clients. It gets even easier with automated, sequential reviews and file sharing, keeping all feedback in one place.

Create custom reports

Whatever activity metrics matter to you (requests, reviews, and more), track them in real-time with robust reporting capabilities. Automate reports and share them with your team to make sure everyone stays on track.

Our work is bigger than us.

Case Study

'RoboHead' sounds like an action hero, and for Amazon Studios, it is.

Client Success

With plans to release as many as 30 films a year worldwide, Amazon Studios’ Global Marketing Team has its work cut out for it. They use RoboHead project management software to help create promotional materials for all that great entertainment.

Case Study

AON relies on RoboHead to help communicate critical information to clients and investors.

Client Success

Global risk management firm, AON, has revenues of more than $10 billion a year and 50,000 employees around the world. They use RoboHead project management software to coordinate communications with clients, investors, and the general public.

Case Study

At Freddie Mac, RoboHead project management software has found a home.

Client Success

RoboHead allows Freddie Mac to handle a huge volume of quick turnaround projects. 700 employees use it to support digital marketing, including website, customer education, and learning and development content.

Case Study

RoboHead helps give UnitedHealthcare’s marketing a clean bill of health.

Client Success

As the largest health insurance company in the world, UnitedHealthcare creates massive amounts of marketing and communications materials. Over 60 employees use RoboHead project management software to keep things running smoothly.