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Assess Talent Fit Before You Commit.

Culture fit has never been more critical. With our Progressive Hire service, you can evaluate on-the-job performance, team chemistry, and business impact over 90 days before extending an offer.

No pressure here. Use the industry expertise and deep networks of our award-winning talent agents to recruit the best person for the job. We’ll manage every step of the process: recruiting and placing top talent, assessing their performance and fit, and helping you make an informed hiring decision.

Progressive Hire Benefits

  • Learn client’s business and marketing objectives.
  • Define the role and identify company culture for a targeted search.
  • Search and vet candidates, presenting only the top choices for expediency.
  • Determine technical skills with assessments by experts, verifying candidate capabilities.
  • Manage talent onboarding and check in regularly with hiring managers for job alignment from day one.
  • Evaluate on-the-job performance and track milestones to provide clarity for hiring decisions.

Choosing the right marketing, digital, and creative talent can be tough. Our Progressive Hire service helps you hire with confidence.

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Synchrony Financial credits us for helping build out their in-house agency.

Client Success:

Synchrony Financial replaced external agencies with a more reliable, cost effective in-house studio using Aquent talent (art directors, copywriters, project managers, proofreaders, video editors, and marketers).

Kaiser Permanente logo

Helping Kaiser Permanente revolutionize healthcare by empowering its members to thrive.

Client Success:

We’ve helped staff Kaiser’s marketing and digital departments with UX designers and researchers, visual designers, content managers, PMs, and more. Talent work on everything from member-facing apps to communications for their new school of medicine.

SiriusXM logo

It’s easy to find SiriusXM in cars now. But without us, good luck finding UX and CX.

Client Success:

Aquent helped build SiriusXM’s auto experience team, redefining streaming UX with mobile-first CX. That kind of talent is very hard to find — but not for us. Aquent offers even contract talent high-end benefits, so we attract the best. SiriusXM eventually hired half our freelance team full-time.

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