Bridging the gap between education and opportunity.

There’s a clear connection between lifelong learning and career advancement. Gymnasium offers free online courses on web development, design, user experience, content creation, and career skills. Course content is informed by client needs and focuses on current skills and technologies. If there’s something new you need to master (and these days there always is), we have easy ways for you to do it, from full courses to 5-minute tutorials.


  • Full courses

    Taught by industry trailblazers, courses focus on the most current skills and technologies. Get 3 to 6 hours of video instruction, optional assignments, a final exam, and a certificate when you pass.

  • Gym shorts

    Like full courses, they’re taught by experts and focus on the current, in-demand skills—but the video instruction is condensed to about an hour. There’s a final exam, and a badge when you pass.

  • Take 5

    Take 5 video tutorials build new skills in just 5 minutes. Topics range from web design to career development. Work fast with prototyping tools such as Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD along with HTML and CSS.

  • Always free

    It’s part of our mission to grow skills, advance careers, and make sure clients have the talent they need. Enroll anytime, anywhere.