The recruiting platform and employment solution for modern contingent programs.

Today’s contingent leaders are challenged to come up with new ways to lower costs, improve talent quality, and reduce risk for their programs. We believe this requires a fundamentally different approach to contingent staffing—one that expands your network of recruiting vendors and consolidates your talent under one employer.

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  • More recruiters scouting great talent.

    Access thousands of proven, specialized recruiters to help you hire the right talent fast.

  • Get economies of scale.

    One employer instead of 50 gives you the volume and scale needed to drive down costs.

  • Transparent and fair pricing.

    Know what you’re paying for recruiting and employing talent, and only pay the talent costs you incur. We’ll show you everything down to the dollar.

  • Less co-employment risk.

    Offer better benefits, reducing inequality between contingent talent and employees to mitigate co-employment claims.

  • Attract and retain the best.

    High-quality benefits coverage and a great talent experience mean a happy, productive workforce.

Our work is bigger than us.

Case Study

Some companies rave about their benefits. Our talent at Microsoft rave about using them.

Client Success

When Microsoft wanted its staffing vendors to offer generous time off and leave benefits, we delivered customized benefits while fostering a culture where talent are encouraged to use them. Since implementing, turnover has dropped dramatically.

Case Study

At Facebook, talent really like our benefits.

Client Success

Wanting to address benefits inequality among contingent workers, Facebook turned to us to help develop and implement a solution. Five years later, talent at Facebook applaud their generous benefits program and the sense of fairness it has created.

Case Study

When Google searched for partners to achieve benefits equality, we came up first.

Client Success

Leading the charge in benefits equality, Google set higher standards for contingent worker benefits to be implemented by 2022. Building on decades of experience offering industry-leading benefits, we were first to meet the standards, two years early.