Your workforce is dramatically different than just a decade ago.

If you work at a large organization, chances are your business relies on the contingent workforce to remain competitive and reach its goals. That workforce has transformed in recent years—it’s larger, more strategic, and brings more specialized expertise than ever before. Contingent talent also expect more from contingent roles, no longer willing to trade benefits, professional development, or employee engagement for flexibility.

Contingent talent, lasting impact:


Workers that are contingent at large organizations (CPO Rising / Ardent Partners)


Companies that believe their contingent workforce drives strategic value for their business (Field Nation / Ardent Partners)


Growth rate of complex specialist roles compared to the overall job market (Burning Glass)

But your workforce solutions probably haven’t changed since the '90s.

You’re likely still using lots of different staffing suppliers to both recruit and employ your talent, wrangling them all through a managed service or a similar in-house program. That model may have worked in the past, but today it creates many serious issues.

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Limited recruiters, limited talent.

Contingent programs restrict their pool of staffing vendors and specialized recruiters in order to manage them all. Doing so also restricts your access to specialized talent.

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Poor talent experience.

Your staffing vendors are responsible for both recruiting and employment, even when they aren’t good at both. Most staffing companies fail as an employer on things like benefits, professional development, and employee experience, leading to problems with morale, turnover, and co-employment risk.

Unclear pricing.

The longer an assignment, the more you pay for recruiting. That’s because bill rates cover both recruiting and employment. You can’t tell what you’re actually paying for each service or whether it’s a fair price.

No economies of scale.

Working with multiple employers of record prevents you from getting the economies of scale you would achieve by using just one great employer.

A 21st-century solution for your 21st-century workforce.

With companies more reliant on the contingent workforce than ever before, leaders need to think differently about how they recruit, manage, and develop this workforce to its full potential. We believe this requires a fundamentally different approach to contingent staffing—one that separates the functions of recruiting and employment to achieve the best results for each. Our solutions do just that.

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Recruiter expansion with Aquent Scout.

Hiring more specialized talent requires access to more specialized recruiters, not fewer. Aquent Scout combines a vast marketplace of proven, specialty recruiters with leading-edge technology to perform better than traditional solutions.

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Employer consolidation with Aquent Square Deal.

Being a great employer for your contingent workforce requires expertise, consistency, and scale. This is best achieved by consolidating your talent with one employer of record. Aquent Square Deal helps you create a uniformly high-quality experience for contingent talent while providing unique opportunities to save money on your contingent labor spend.

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