What is AB5? Here's everything
you need to know.

California’s Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) redefines who is an independent contractor and who is an employee.

AB5 adopts the ABC Test to classify workers:


Is the worker free from the control of the hiring company?


Does the worker perform work outside the hiring company’s usual business?


Does the worker operate an independent business?

Any worker who does not meet all of these criteria must be a W-2 employee.

AB5 applies to businesses of all sizes in California and any business that employs California-based workers. View it as a blueprint for future legislation: Already, New York and New Jersey are expected to enact similar laws.

The bad news

Companies that don’t comply with AB5 risk fines, penalties, lawsuits, liability for back pay and benefits, and negative public perceptions.

The very good news

If some of your contractors are misclassified, don’t panic. There are flexible solutions to achieve AB5 compliance.

For more information, see our AB5 Guide.

How to comply and compete at the same time.

Keep your modern, flexible workforce and comply with AB5.

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Aquent Studios

Extend your in-house team with some of the best creative and marketing talent.

  • Focus on deliverables, not work process, hours, and schedules
  • Rely on Aquent equipment
  • Engage with talent on-site or off
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Aquent Square Deal

AB5 addresses workforce inequality, particularly when it comes to benefits. Provide equal benefits for contingent talent with our Square Deal solution.

  • Attract and retain top contingent workers
  • Deliver high-quality benefits across your workforce
  • Be a leader in benefits equality
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Employer of Record

Let Aquent hire your pre-identified talent as our W-2 employees and provide exceptional benefits and HR support.

  • Direct how work is done
  • Determine work hours and schedule
  • Provide equipment
  • Engage with talent on-site or off

Your AB5 Strategy Starts Here.

With our expertise in staffing and workforce solutions, we can help address your AB5 questions and mitigate risks of misclassification. Together we can find the AB5 solutions that are right for your company.

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