Make managing easier.
And remote feel close.

RoboHead is especially valuable now, as you face the challenges of collaborating as a distributed team. Here are some ways RoboHead can help manage people, projects, deadlines, and creative deliverables:

  • Keep everyone up to date on changing priorities
  • Speed up hand-offs from one team member to another
  • Track collaboration, feedback, and approval of creative assets
  • Eliminate a flood of emails by organizing project communication in a single, open thread
  • Ensure all team members have immediate access to files and project data

Clients can try it for free through the
end of the year.

To help your team stay productive while working from home, Aquent is offering all our current customers, who are not yet using RoboHead, the chance to use it free for the remainder of 2020. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time.

Interested in RoboHead?

We’ll begin with a quick call to make sure we understand your project management practices and challenges to confirm that RoboHead is the right fit for your needs. After that, count on us to quickly implement RoboHead for your team.

To get started, please contact your Aquent rep.