Independent. Self-reliant. Skilled. In demand.

Our clients use many words to describe the indispensable role that freelance creative and marketing talent play in today’s workspace.

Now we’ve found a way to use those insights to help find your next job.

Our Latest Improvement: Reviews

Our staff has always spoken with clients about our talents’ performance to ensure a great experience. We’ve just taken that process to the next level with Reviews, our new online system for gathering detailed feedback from our clients that’s designed to get you more opportunities faster.

Our Latest Improvement: Reviews
Our Latest Improvement: Reviews

How It Works

  1. In addition to calling clients (as we’ve done for over 30 years), we send clients an email encouraging them to provide online feedback about your performance.
  2. Your agent reviews feedback and shares positive shout-outs when you receive them or provides constructive tips to help improve your skills.
  3. We digitally share those reviews with prospective clients—as part of your online talent profile—to get you even more recognition and jobs.
How It Works
How It Worksn

Talk about giving you a Competitive Advantage

Best of all, we’re the only staffing company to offer this service to their customers.

Coming Soon

This June we’ll launch another new online tool for you to provide input and rate your work experiences with our clients. We’re also building a way for you to create personal videos to showcase your work and experience. We’re working hard to find more ways to help our talent stand out.

Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Reviews?

Reviews are email check-ins with our clients to collect feedback and endorsements for the work you’re doing.

What’s new?

We always collect feedback from clients throughout projects, but now we have a technology that makes it easier for your manager to submit feedback.

Why Reviews?

Our research shows that clients prefer unfiltered feedback direct from other hiring managers. This type of feedback increases their hiring confidence, which leads to more opportunities for you.

How Do I Get More Work?

Clients will receive regular emails asking about their experience with your work. Since managers trust unbiased feedback from past managers, encourage your manager to respond to these requests. Sharing your Reviews will make their endorsement of your work invaluable to your search.

How are Reviews Used?

When your agent recommends you for a new assignment, the client will see Reviews of your past performance as part of your profile.  

Can I See Reviews?

Reviews are captured in our system to be shared with other clients as part of our submittal process. While you won’t have direct access to the feedback provided, your agent will keep you up-to-date on the client’s satisfaction with your work and any feedback they provide.

Have More Questions?

We welcome your feedback. Please contact if you have questions or suggestions about our Reviews product. And as always, you can speak directly to your agent about any feedback he or she may have already received.