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L&D Account Manager

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As and Account Manager, you will play a key role in ensuring the successful delivery of projects whilst developing relationships with our clients that will result in new projects.

You must be comfortable handling virtually all meetings, with support from line managers, colleagues and direct reports as necessary. You will be responsible for extracting verbal briefs from the Client and advising them on our services in order to help them to achieve their objectives and to assist the agency to achieve its revenue targets. You must be comfortable discussing budgets whilst developing an understanding about each Client’s business and the range of services we have available to support them.

Whilst working with internal departments you will act as the Client’s representative to get the best results in the most efficient manner.

When we pitch for new business, you must have the confidence to contribute ideas and talk knowledgeably to Prospects in order to establish credibility and help us to win the business. You must be committed to providing the very highest quality of customer service acting in a friendly, outgoing yet robust way. You will look for opportunities to raise your profile within the agency, taking part in team meetings, blogging and training courses as appropriate.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Your day-to-day role would typically include the following:

 Client Development, You will need to keep up-to-date with the changing world of Learning and Development and how these changes affect our Clients. You must build an in-depth understanding of each Client organisation and the challenges it faces. This will allow you to network extensively, plan agendas and put forward ideas with credibility and confidence in Client meetings. You will have a working understanding of the range of services the agency has to offer and be able to demonstrate the benefits these would bring to Clients.

On large Clients’ business, the relationship will be shared with other L&D colleagues and you should consult with them often to understand the direction of the Account. Where you are the main relationship holder, you should actively seek the opinions of your colleagues to ensure no opportunities are missed.

 Learning Content, You will conduct ‘project scoping’ meetings with the Client, involving other members of the L&D team and Associate Training Consultants as necessary. From this, you will plan and write a project Overview Document, including learning objectives, for the Client to sign-up to.

You will write further documentation dependent on the project type – e.g. Storyboard for eLearning courses. Where an Associate Training Consultant is used to write content, you will proofread their work before it goes to the Client Partner or Client to ensure quality and fit with overall project plan. Use of Articulate Storyline and Photoshop desirable.

 Project Management, For your projects, you will act as Project Manager, briefing, delegating and monitoring the progress of the work internally to ensure it is delivered to deadline. You will liaise with other agencies retained by the Client to secure assets and information. As each project proceeds, you will check that Clients are happy with the progress made and regularly review our processes and working practices and, where necessary, make improvements in quality and efficiency. This will necessitate the development of effective internal relationships with other teams such as studio, creative, finance.

 Billing & Forecasting , You will monitor your projects closely to maximise the revenue generated from each Client. You will be accountable for maximising profitability and alerting the team to opportunities and potential threats. You will review the forecasts and assist in re-budgeting as well as ensuring that day-to-day financial billing is accurate and timely.

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