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eBook Designer

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Our client needs a designer to help them put together an eBook!

Project Details
Deadline for final eBook design is Monday, 11/3.
Start date on the project is this Tuesday 10/28 (that's when they'll have the rest of the content ready)
They expect the project to take about 20 hours
Working remote is totally fine

The deliverable is going to be a PDF. It's actually not a huge deal if you've never done an eBook before - as long as you have an eye for layout and are a great designer (which you are!)

The client doesn't expect any charts or graphs or illustrations (although they're open to illustrations if you're into it, or if you think it needs it!)

Below is some additional info from the client re: what style they like:

Example ebooks that we like: - this one looks fresh and cool, in our case there will be more text and less illustrations of course. - I like the covers of these books and we will probably also have a cool digital book library in longer term, so cover is important. Sadly these UXPin books are super basic from inside and the illustrations are boring and low quality. - a really simple one, should have some illustrations but looks clean and organized.

Other sites we like inspiration:
i really like Mailchimps visual style. They are professional tool but it all looks very modern and easy-going. They have also cool library online . but these are just covers for articles. - Google's new design language

We were brainstorming keywords yesterday that presents who we are and what we do.. maybe it helps.

Professional but not traditional
Technical but not intimidating
Simple but not ineffective
Fun but not inappropriate

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