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My client is looking for a Developer for a shopping centre website. This will be on a freelance basis.

The principal project requirement is to create a content managed website for a shopping centre, with multiple pages. The site has already been designed and the client is now in need of a developer.

The site should be built using HTML5/CSS3, using HTML5Boilerplate as the base for all frontend code and JQuery for JavaScript library, plus Modernizr to deal with cross browser issues on older browsers.

The CMS needs be an Open Source application, and a suitable CMS selected for ease of use and rapid development. It needs to be a PHP/MySQL solution.

There are no accessibility requirements.

The site will not be built responsively but it needs to render correctly on mobile devices, as well as for PC, Mac, Smartphone, and Tablet browsers.

You will of course work closely with the design team throughout the build, and template/page designs will be provided.

Any pages that are not yet designed need to be constructed from existing components within the browser and will not require new PSDs.

The site will include Google Analytics with events tracking for all the interactions. The naming convention and exact interactions to be tracked will be defined and documented in the technical specification document.

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These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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