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Android Application Developer

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The selected candidate will be responsible for the development, deployment and administration of Android mobile applications. This engineer will collaborate with an extended remote engineering team of mobile application developers and server developers to support the design, architecture and development of a strategic product line.

The ideal candidate will need:
Strong experience developing Android applications

Design and develop a large-scale, visually appealing, modular Android application capable of integrating multiple custom libraries and securely uploading data to servers asynchronously on a frequent periodic basis.

Convert existing production applications into modular AAR/JAR libraries for packaging and inclusion in other applications.

Create enterprise-grade security for protecting sensitive data both on-device and in-transit (encryption, authentication, access expiration).

Effectively use cloud-based solutions (GCM, Google App Engine, Firebase, other) for dynamically managing configurations, event triggers, and other use cases.

Use best practices to minimize impacts to user experience, such as battery drain, ANRs, unresponsive UI, etc.

Effectively work with business owners to gather requirements, gain deep understanding of use cases and business needs, and translate into design and implementation.

Ability to read through 3rd party developer code, understand flow and function, and make improvements as needed.

Ability to capture app analytics using analytics SDKs (Google Analytics, Crashlytics, Firebase, Flurry, etc) and analyze current users, behavior, and app stability.

Experience with network protocols like ip, tcp, udp, http required

These job descriptions are examples. Looking for work?

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