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Account Director

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As an Account Director you will develop strong senior client relationships and be committed to driving their business forward through innovative work that inspires and motivates. You will also be key to generating profit whilst delivering projects that achieve excellent results for the client and business. Account Director’s must also develop an exceptional understanding of the corporate communications arena and how new and emerging developments can be exploited to add value to a clients’ business.

You must have experience in managing corporate communications projects in print or online, possess outstanding interpersonal skills with an ability to set budgets, expectations and deliver results, as well as possessing strong leadership skills. You will be required to advise and co-ordinate with our consultants all aspects of strategy, design and production of a wide range of corporate communications projects.

An Account Director listens, creates, leads, manages, plans and makes it happen. You are on top of everything, through every stage of the projects and beyond – the client, the team, the workload, the information, the schedule and the next new initiative.

'Great' Account Directors more than deliver ideas and projects; they become trusted, inspirational advisors to both colleagues and clients and lead by example.

Deliverables (criteria by which success can be measured):

• Develops strong relationships with senior clients.

• Develops a deep understanding of client’s business environment.

• Engages with clients for the delivery of projects.

• Successful delivery of projects in a timely and professional manner.

• Retention and motivation of high-quality account team.

• Consistently strives to improve systems and processes within the department.

• Effectively manage project over runs.

• Contribution to new business.


• Ensures visibility of all major client initiatives.

• Provides a viewpoint on team resource and configuration.

• Sets out detailed month-by-month forecasts against which resource can be planned.

• Internal communications and PR - ensures work is summarised and celebrated throughout

• Ensures all project activity is delivered within timeframe and to highest standards - taking

responsibility and accountability for all internal resources and costs used on client work.

• Manages post project review process and develops case studies in partnership with clients.

• Maintains reporting documents to manage clients and projects efficiently and professionally.

• Leverages client relationships for introductions to additional business units and brands.

• Identifies, pursues and converts new business opportunities for the agency.

• Ensures all client activity is processed/invoiced in a timely and accurate manner.

• Assists Client Services Director to plan, resource and forecast team’s size, growth, revenue and profitability.

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